Front End Developer

General Requirement :

Mempunyai passion dalam dunia Start Up dan Digital

Bersiap untuk menjadi the Next Co-Founder

Tertantang untuk mewujudkan ide-ide baru untuk berkompetisi dalam dunia Start-Up

Mengetahui System Development Life Cycle ( SDLC ), system/application design.

Sekolah atau autodidak, Who Cares?! Selama bisa membuktikan result coding yang terbukti powerfull

Requirement :

Female / Male

21 - 30 Years Old

Freshgrads are welcome

Love Programmer & Marketing

Excellent Interpersonal Skill

Experienced in Angular, Angular 2+ framework javascript

Experienced in client side web development ( HTML, CSS and Javascript ) and modern client javascript framework ( React, Angular )

Experienced in building a web admin dashboard with Angular2+ and bootstrap ( is a plus )

Find out which requests are synchronous and AJAX

Know how to handle, unsynchronized and AJAX requests.

Ensure technical feasibility of UI / UX design

Offers :

IDR 3.000.000 - IDR 6.000.000 Range Of Salary

Flexible Working Hours

Achievement Bonuses

Health Insurance

Join with Other awesome team

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